All Tidy Trucking Ltd. employees are provided with state of the art equipment and techniques to ensure that our customers are getting the best value for their dollar. All equipment is maintained to manufacturers specifications and our maintenance program meets or exceeds all COR and NSC requirements. All our equipment has current commercial vehicle inspections and tank inspections performed by an independent government licensed inspection company.

  • Tridem Body Jobs
  • 7 Axle Units
  • 8 Axle Tri-Quad Units
  • 8 Axle Super “B” Units
Hot Oilers
Vac Truck Units
Hydrovac Units
Vac Combination Units
Pressure Trucks (ranging from 5K to 15K)
  • One Tons
  • 5 ton, tandem unit(s)
  • Tri-Drive Units
  • Tandem Unit
Filter Units
Safety Showers