Tidy Trucking Ltd. performs tank and pressure truck services within the oil and gas industry in Northern Alberta and British Columbia. With a large fleet of highly specialized trucks, Tidy Trucking Ltd. has the capability to complete a wide variety of projects. 

Besides traditional production oil and produced water transportation, Tidy Trucking also provides the following services:

General Fluid Moving
Acid Hauling and Pumping
Frac Water Hauling
Methanol Injection
Pipeline and Pressure Testing Services
Drilling, Completions, and Well Servicing
Hazardous Waste Transportation
General Vac Truck Services
Hydro Vac Services
Spill Clean-up and Disposal
Vessel & Tank Cleaning and Flushing
C-Ring Draining and Cleaning
Steaming Services
Hot Oiling and Heating Services
Turnaround Services
Chemical Cleaning
Truck Recovery and Towing Services
Gravel and Dirty Dirt Hauling
Safety Showers
Road Spraying
Hotshot Services

We also offer our customers delivery, sales and rental of the following products:

Fresh Water
Pipeline Mix
Over 1000 m3 Pipeline Mix Storage
Large Storage Yard

In the completions and well servicing fields, we have developed several adaptations for managing the large volume Frac water requirements which have presented some logistical challenges in source water, management and supervision.  We can handle water logistics from the water source to the point where the water is ready on site at the correct temperature to be pumped from the storage (c-ring, etc.) and in multi Frac situations where fast re-filling of c-rings or tanks is critical to completing multiple Frac jobs in a condensed time frame. We can supply trucks to haul the water to location, heaters to bring the temperature up to the desired level, pressure trucks, vacuum trucks, steamers, combination vac/steam units and hydrovac services.

Our service lines have also expanded to include assisting our clients with turnaround planning and supervision services where we can survey and assess programs for planned outages to clean tanks, perform tower flushes, vessel cleaning and compressor cooler cleaning. 

Tidy Trucking has always encouraged the “continuous improvement” strategy in developing creative solutions to serve our customers more efficiently.  We are always looking to explore new options to add to our already extensive service offerings.